RusadeR Domain

Lesser Power — Turn Undead: You may both turn and rebuke undead. When you make a turning attempt against undead, you choose if you would like to turn (or destroy) or rebuke (or command) them. You still spontaneously cast inflict spells instead of cure spells.

Greater Power — Zealot's Strike: Once per day you may attempt a zealot's strike with one normal melee attack. You must declare your intent to use zealot's strike before you make your attack roll. If you hit, you deal +1d6 extra points of damage, +1 additional point of damage per healer level. If you use your faith's favored weapon to make your zealot's strike (longsword for the Scarlet Crusade), you gain a +2 bonus on your attack roll. If you miss with your zealot's strike, the strike has no effect but is still used up for that day.

1st—Detect Undead: Reveals undead within 60 ft.

2nd—Detect Taint*: Reveals creatures tainted by negative energy and reduces concealment.

3rd—Hooks of Binding: Immobilizes a demon or undead creature.

4th—Restoration M: Restores level and ability score drains.

5 th— Hooks of Binding, Greater: Immobilizes a powerful demon or undead creature.

6th—Holy Firet: Deals 1d6 holy damage/level (max 15d6), plus 8 damage/round for 2 rounds.

7th—True Seeing M: Lets you see all things as they really are.

8th—Discern Location: Reveals exact location of creature or object.

9th—Conflagrative Curse M*: Infection causes undead to catch fire, dealing 10d6 fire damage.

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