Crushing Trap CR technological device location trigger continuous DC Reflex save to avoid multiple targets the footsquare area in

As you approach this room, you can feel something in the air — a palpable sensation that something is wrong. The atmosphere seems charged, as if a lightning bolt were about to strike. The hairs on your body stand on end.

The door opens ahead of you. Inside the chamber beyond, a huge machine hums with activity. Nearby, a tethered helmet connects a goblin to the device. The goblin's skin looks to be made of gold, and he wears gold chain armor. A large goblin-shaped construct stands before him, dressed in a tuxedo and holding two black discs in massively clawed hands. To the goblin's side stand four clockwerk goblins, each larger than the ones you encountered before — and far more dangerous-looking. "You're here!" laughs the armored goblin. "You can witness my greatest triumph! With my world tweaker, I'll become the richest person on all of Azeroth! Ha ha haaaaa!"

Depending on how quickly the heroes arrive (as described in Area 3), Goldknuckle is either putting on his helmet, is already hooked up, or is several rounds into his supposed world-altering command. He must concentrate (as a standard action) every round for 5 consecutive rounds in order to execute the command. If interrupted, he must make a Concentration check or start over.

As part of his special brand of concentration, Goldknuckle yells and taunts the heroes, laughing about how wealthy he's about to be. He moves and dances about, keeping the heroes from making full attacks. If struck down, he emits a final screech of "Noooo! I was so cloooooose!" before perishing.

Thinking players might get the idea to attack the thin-looking tether holding Goldknuckle to his machine. The wire is a tough metal connector with hardness 5 and 20 hit points. It has AC 25 (touch AC 17) due to its small size, natural toughness and the fact that it jumps and dances as Goldknuckle skips around. The wire also has the equivalent of fast healing 10. If it is severed, Goldknuckle's concentration is broken, but he can still control the machine by standing directly next to it. This does, however, limit his ability to maneuver.

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