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Mur'gul are vicious, murloc-like aquatic humanoids. Scholars speculate as to their origins. Some say that these creatures were once murlocs, but the Burning Legion's powers cursed and twisted them. While mur'gul resemble murlocs to a degree, they are far more vicious and bloodthirsty — and dangerous.

Mur'gul delight in capturing both humans and murlocs (and anyone else), torturing and then eating their victims. They infest the sea, clambering aboard vessels and slaying everyone onboard.

Mur'gul form small groups, often but not always related. Such gangs steal from one another, and mur'gul raid nests of rivals for eggs to eat. Mur'gul organize in a spontaneous way, primarily to raid murlocs or humans. If these raids go poorly, the mur'gul may turn on one another. Mur'gul wander, and many do not even have a fixed territory; lairs are temporary affairs, used to hold prisoners or for mating. They keep only equipment they can either use or carry easily, though a temporary lair may have treasures from past victims.

Like that of murlocs, mur'gul skin color varies greatly, from pale green to purple to turquoise to red. Their skin is warty and knobbed, not as smooth as a murloc's. A mur'gul's body usually bears spots and speckles of a contrasting color.

Only a few races earn the mur'gul's respect as foes; the naga are one of these.

The mur'gul presented here uses the elite ability score array (see the Monster Guide, Chapter 3: Improving Monsters) and has 1 level in the mur'gul racial class (see below).

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