Desc Ription

Spiderlings are young and voracious nerubians. While not nearly as intelligent as adult nerubians, spiderlings are still dangerous; in fact, when they gather in swarms (which they often do), they are more dangerous than nerubian workers.

Adult nerubians carry their young around dieir lairs. Up to around a dozen spiderlings cling to the adult's body. Nerubians leave the spiderlings in their lair when they move to confront enemies, but foes who clash with nerubians in their tunnels may find themselves confronting a spiderling swarm.

Nerubians are spiderlings for about 3 years. Over this time, they grow from the Tiny spiderlings presented here, gradually attaining Small size. At this point, they are adult nerubians with a single Hit Die, as presented in Chapter 2: Class Options.

Like young creatures of other races, spiderlings have a limited command and understanding of their native language, Nerubian.

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