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Makrura prawns are large, lobsterlike creatures that tear prey apart with their claws. They are a type of makrura, and other makrura place great value in makrura prawns. Makrura prawns train as animals of war. Makrura prawns also act, in makrura settlements, as guard dogs do for humans.

In their natural habitats, makrura prawns are unremarkable. They spend their days moving slowly across the ocean floor or rocky beaches, scavenging for food. Despite their large claws, makrura prawns are scavengers rather than hunters, as they don't have the speed to bring down anything faster than a garden slug. The seafloor is a good spot for scavenging, though, since most everything that dies in the water sinks to the bottom. Some of it washes up on beaches, so makrura prawns frequent those areas as well.

Most makrura prawns live in saltwater, but freshwater varieties exist. Both taste excellent.


In their natural habitat, makrura prawns are not aggressive. They are large enough to intimidate rival scavengers, and use their claws primarily for tearing dead food into smaller chunks. However, when a makrura prawn encounters rivals for a piece of food, it advances menacingly (well, as menacingly as these creatures can) and strikes with its claws to drive the intruder away. Often, the intruder is another makrura prawn. Makrura prawns also fight in defense if they cannot escape.

Other makrura train makrura prawns to be more aggressive. Under a skilled handler, a makrura prawn confronts enemies. They serve better as guard beasts than as attack creatures, however, as do other makrura. A typical makrura tactic is to remain away from an enemy, allowing their tidecallers and other spellcasters to pummel them with spells and draw them into melee; then the makrura warriors and prawns attack. Makrura prawns are also a favored summoned creature of makrura spellcasters.

Constrict (Ex): A makrura prawn deals automatic claw damage on a successful grapple check.

Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, a makrura prawn must hit with a claw attack.

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Medium Monstrous Humanoid (Aquatic)

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