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Tuskarr are sturdy humanoids adapted to the cold. They live in Northrend, where their society revolves around fishing and whaling. They are a friendly people, but wage constant battle against the Drakkari ice trolls and nerubians. So far, the tuskarr avoid the Scourge, but they know that eventually they will be forced to fight or flee.

Tuskarr are excellent fisherman and whalers, and their economy is based upon these skills. They dwell along Northrend's coasts. They do not spend time and effort organizing their communities; instead, villages arise out of a need to coordinate efforts at fishing, animal husbandry, and defense rather than of out of politics. The center of their civilization is Kaskala, a cluster of villages in the Borean Tundra.

Tuskarr shaman influence the weather, cure the sick, and help with the gathering of food. Being skilled at fishing or whaling is considered evidence of good morals in tuskarr society, whereas poor fishing is seen as evidence of some moral deficiency. The tuskarr picture the afterlife as a place with safe waters, plentiful catches, and no enemies.

The family is the tuskarr's primary social structure. The action of one family member is the responsibility of the entire group. Marriage occurs for a tuskarr man when he can support a wife, and for a tuskarr woman as soon as she reaches puberty.

Tuskarr law requires all tuskarr to help supply the community with food, clothing, and other necessities. Also, all tuskarr must contribute to the defense of their villages. Punishment is generally mild and involves loss of social standing through ridicule or ostracism. However, when someone takes a tuskarr's life, blood vengeance is the only allowable response.

Tuskarr have their own language, Tuskarr. Most also speak Common.

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