Druid Variant [quatic Druid

ruids exist beneath the waves as well as above. These druids bond to the creatures of the water and can call upon these creatures for help.

Aquatic Druid Alterations

Aquatic druids possess the same class features as normal druids, but some of their class features and inspirations are modified, as shown below. See the Monster Guide for creature statistics.

• 1st-Level — Animal Companion: An aquatic druid may choose to take an aquatic animal as an animal

• 1st -Level or Higher: Octopus (animal), Medium shark (animal) and squid (animal).

• 4th-Level or Higher (Level -3): Crocodile (animal) and Large shark (animal).

• 7th-Level or Higher (Level -6): Threshadon (dinosaur).

• 10th-Level or Higher (Level-9): Huge shark (animal), orca whale (animal), and sea turtle.

• 16th-Level or Higher (Level -15): Giant squid (animal).

• 4th-Level — Wild Shape: Instead of the animals into which a normal druid can transform, an aquatic druid can use wild shape to transform into the following animals only, at the indicated levels:

• 11th-Level: Cachalot whale.

• 16th-Level: Dragon turtle. (See Chapter 9: Creatures.) In addition, you gain the form's extraordinary special qualities (amphibious, low-light vision, and spiked shell) as well as its extraordinary special attacks.

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