E Old Gods

Few researchers know anything about the Old Gods and their mad worshipers; until C'Thun made its presence felt in Ahn'Qiraj, practically no one on Azeroth even knew the Old Gods existed..

The Old Gods do possess worshipers, though, even from their prison below the earth. Most followers of the Old Gods are completely insane and wholly evil. The Old Gods are imprisoned or sleeping, but so great is their power that their unconscious but destructive, maddening auras seep out and influence some denizens of Azeroth.

In some cases, evil but sane individuals turn deliberately to worship of the Old Gods out of spite when the individual feels other, more mainstream powers have mistreated her. Anarchists also sometimes turn to worship of the Old Gods out of a desire to destroy the world; some believe a new, better world will rise up in the wake of the destruction. In either case, these worshippers are deluded or misinformed, and any who do manage to make even the barest real contact with the Old Gods go hopelessly and irrevocably insane.

C'Thun, the only Old God whose name is known, has been wakening for some time. He recently woke completely and physically returned to Azeroth. He now lairs in the ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, and packs of brave heroes have already begun to form and venture into the ruins. Perhaps they can destroy the evil god before he emerges to devastate Azeroth.

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