Encounters through the Mur Ioc Tunnels

Strung between each of the areas past the idol are tightly-packed tunnels. These 4-foot wide paths contain no air pockets, and murloc guards patrol the tunnels. While exploring the cave, the heroes have a 25% chance of encountering a group of 1d4 murloc guards (see Area 1 for statistics). If the alarms are triggered, the chance increases to 75%. Furthermore, when the alarms are triggered, all gates are closed and locked. The tunnels bear minimal phosphorescent moss (shadowy illumination).

A character's size may interfere with movement through the tunnels. A Large character must make an Escape Artist check (DC 15) each time she enters a tunnel, or be unable to proceed. Even if she succeeds, she finds fighting in such cramped spaces hard; the character takes a -2 penalty on attack rolls while fighting in a tunnel.

Huge and larger creatures cannot enter the tunnels at all.

Feats: Weapon Focus (trident).

Languages: Nerglish.

Possessions: Trident, 5 javelins, leather armor.

Tactics: The murlocs hide among the rocks and ledges in the idol chamber, attacking from cover with their javelins. If any heroes enter the water after them, the murlocs pull out their tridents and attempt to swarm over the hero, using their greater swimming ability to their advantage (murlocs get a +8 racial bonus on Swim checks to perform underwater maneuvers). Underwater, the guards simply wait for a good ambush point before launching an attack.

Ad-Hoc XP Award: If the heroes place the idol on the statue, each receives a 200-XP story award. If the heroes discover the broken fishing pole, they earn an additional 50 XP each.

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