For the Heroes

The adventure begins in the village at night.

The heroes could be in the village for any number of reasons, including the following:

• The tried and true method: They hear about the murloc raids at a tavern.

• They travel along Azeroth's coasts, looking for treasure.

• They wander down a path and are beset by refugees from .

• One or more heroes are from (or has a relative there), and are visiting.

• They are commissioned by a local magistrate to exterminate the murlocs. They might gain additional wealth above and beyond that supplied in this adventure.

• They discover a clue hinting at untold murloc wealth.

• A hero is a murloc from the murloc community and is disturbed about rumors of his family. This technique is risky, as the old man is unlikely to accept a murloc near him.

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