For the Heroes

The adventure begins in the Hinterlands, at any point in the heroes' travels through that area. The heroes could be in the Hinterlands for any number of reasons, including the following:

• Traveling from one place to another to deliver a message or item.

• Hunting for a specific creature or type of creature, such as gryphons.

• On their way to parley with the Wildhammer dwarves.

• Collecting ingredients for a special elixir, formula or other trade skill.

• Sent by druids or Wildhammers to put a stop to Goldknuckle's environmental destruction.

• On the run and looking for a place to hide.

If the heroes already have a good reason for going to the Hinterlands, this adventure makes an excellent addition to their itinerary. They might, for example, need to make contact with a night elf scout who disappeared in the region, or find the reason the elementals in the area have grown angry.

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