Front of the door d points of bludgeoning damage each round Search DC Disable Device DC

Treasure: If the crusher is destroyed and the heroes take 10 minutes to dig out the rubble, they can find the shredded remains of half a dozen dead goblins underneath the wreckage. These were Goldknuckle's other assistants, whom he killed after Fleeto's betrayal (he was too paranoid to trust anybody else after that). Among the smashed debris, the heroes find a Small +2 light mace, a hyper-radiant flame deflector (see the Alliance Player's Guide, Chapter 5: Technology) with 5 points of damage, and three salvageable grenades.

A.Rea 5: The WoRld TweakeR (GL 13)

This room served originally as a crusher/grinder that chopped up fuel to push into the underground furnace that powered some inscrutable piece of Goldknuckle's machinery. Now, the need for that is over, but the room remains. Goldknuckle has now converted it into a dangerous trap.

Trap: If the door is disturbed in any way (including a failed attempt to search it, disable the trap, or pick the lock), the 10-foot-square section of floor in front of it collapses, dropping the interloper into the crusher's grinding maw. Once someone falls in, he must make an opposed grapple check (the trap has a +20 bonus) or be pinned inside the machinery. The device deals the listed damage every round until the character escapes or is successfully pulled out. Note that escaping requires two successful opposed grapple checks (one to escape the pin, the next to escape the grapple). However, if the character escapes the pin, he can grab a rope or pole, allowing one ally to add his Strength bonus to future attempts to oppose the crusher's grapple. Dealing 200 points of damage to the crusher (it has hardness 5) also stops it, but anyone pinned inside takes 4d6 points of bludgeoning damage as the machine falls apart around him.

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