before we knew what it truly was, most races referred to this ruin as the Sunken Temple.) Ysera then posted several green dragons to guard the temple and make sure the troll priests didn't attempt their tricks again.

Several dragons entered the temple to drive out or slay the trolls, but a powerful and insidious corruption from the Emerald Dream began to affect the green dragons . It quickly claimed them all, even Eranikus, the great dragon charged with the temple's safety. With the dragons maddened and addled, the Atal'ai and Hakkari continued their progress unimpeded. They had to be careful of stepping outside, though, because a number of uncorrupt green dragons patrolled the area — and still do.

And so it was for many years. Recently, however, the Atal'ai and Hakkari discovered a piece of crucial information. They could not summon Hakkar at the Sunken Temple because he could only be summoned at the Gurubashi's previous capital: Zul'Gurub. A number of powerful Atal'ai and Hakkari priests left for Zul'Gurub.

Their plans bore fruit. Recently, spies entering Zul'Gurub have confirmed a terrible presence: Hakkar the Soulflayer walks the world. Not only that, but Hakkar's priests have captured five Zandalari high priests. These priests each revere a different god in the troll pantheon; Hakkar has these priests under his sway and is forcing them to channel power from their gods into him.

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