members, clutching a flail. He plants totems in their midst and summons spirit pigs to aid them, then charges into melee with a fearsome grunt-squeal.

Quilboar Thornweaver Alterations

A quilboar thornweaver does not gain Brew Potion at 1st level, the ghost wolf inspiration at 8th level or the purge inspiration at 12th level. Instead, he gains the following class features, at the indicated levels:

• 1st-Level — Bonus Feat: Quilboar have a tradition of shamanism. The thornweaver gains the Magical Heritage feat (see below) as a bonus feat. If he does not possess at least one level in the quilboar racial class, he instead gains Fetish Spell (presented in the Horde Player's Guide) as a bonus feat, even if he does not meet the prerequisites.

• 1st-Level — Pack Casting (Ex): Seeing his comrades fall inspires the thornweaver to greatness, as it does with all quilboar; in addition, the departing ally's spirit briefly infuses him with power. When the thornweaver's pack fighting racial trait grants him a +1 morale bonus on attack and damage rolls, he also gains a +1 morale bonus to his caster level. This bonus applies to level-dependent aspects of his spells, such as range and duration. If the thornweaver has the greater pack fighting or supreme pack fighting abilities (from taking levels in the quilboar racial class), his morale bonus to caster level increases to a possible +2 or +3, as appropriate. This increase in caster level lasts for as long as the morale bonus on attack and damage rolls (i.e., for the duration the current encounter).

• 1st-Level — Spirit Spells (Ex): Quilboar thornweavers add summon nature's ally I-IX to their spell list. They can cast these spells only to summon spirit beasts, and these creatures must be boars, dire boars or similar animals. (See the Horde Player's Guide for the spirit beast template).

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