G A M e purpose. Just as they can capture the native, pure energies of the world, so too can they contain the blackest evil from the Nether. Some inscribers see runes as another possible conduit through which to channel necromantic or demonic energy. They forsake the standard arcanist spells to focus instead on dark magic. Dark inscribers scribe runes on the foreheads of the dead to raise their bearers as zombies; the inscribers tattoo themselves with demonic signs.

DaRk InscRibeR Alterations

Dark inscribers have access to all runes, as do normal inscribers. Unlike other inscribers, dark inscribers do not have access to the arcanist spell list. Instead, the inscriber chooses the warlock or necromancer spell list; he has access to that spell list instead. Runes are still his focus, so he gains his extra arcanist spells from the rune list, not from his necromancer or warlock spell list. When the dark inscriber gains the lesser runic mysteries, runic mysteries, and greater runic mysteries arcana, he can cast necromancer or warlock spells (as appropriate) as runes.

• The following necromancer spells become marks: lst-level: necromantic seedf; 2nd-level: blindness/deafness, cannibalize, cripple, frost armor, touch of weakness*, unholy frenzy, wandering plague*; 3rd-level: banshee's curse f, dampen magt*, taint ofundeath*, usurp fleshf; 4th-level: amplify magic*, crushing despair*,

curse of shadow*; 5th-level: curse of undeath*, death pact; 6th-level: eyebite; 7th-level: wandering death*; 8th-level: hex of weakness*, vampiricaura.

• The following necromancer spells become glyphs: 4th-level: animate dead; 6th-level: create undead; 8th-level: create greater undead.

• The following necromancer spells become sigils: 3rd-level: frost nova, rune trapf; 5th-level: withering blight.

• The following warlock spells become marks: 0-level: sense demons*; lst-level: lesser demon skin; 2nd-level: curse of recklessness*; 3rd-level: demon skin, hooks of binding, life tap*, water breathing; 4th-level: crushing despair*, curse of tongues*, Mannoroth's legacyf; 5th-level: curse of the elements*, curse of shadow*, drain life, drain soul, greater hooks of binding; 6th-level: greater demon skin; 7th-level: conflagrate*, dark metamorphosis; 8th-level: blast wave*.

• The following warlock spell becomes a glyph: 7th-level: phase door.

• The following warlock spells become sigils: 3 rd-level: rune trapf; 4th-level: Ner'zhul's black tentacles, rain of fire; 6th-level: acid fog.

f See die Horde Player's Guide.

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