Giant TuRtle Battle

Description: One of the most notorious weapons of the Second War, the battle sub is really not a vehicle at all. It's a harness and cockpit that fits atop a live giant turtle (with attached mental control rig). From within the pressurized compartment, the pilot issues commands to the creature as though it were a mount. The battle sub also includes a short-ranged cannon or rocket launcher capable of damaging ships, but only if the giant turtle surfaces.

In the Second War, the Stormreaver clan captured giant turtles for this purpose and pacified them with powerful spells of control. Since that time, goblins have bred giant turtles to be calmer and more docile. These turtles, which the goblins use for their subs, are tame and do not require magical control.

Operation: Activating a giant turtle battle sub takes 1 minute and a DC 20 Use Technological Device check. The pilot must enter the cockpit to do this, and remain inside while the hatch closes, seals and pressurizes. The cockpit is large enough to contain only one Medium or smaller creature at a time.

The battle sub has the speed, maneuverability, and underwater capabilities of a giant turtle. Once the sub is activated, the pilot controls the turtle as though it were a vehicle. However, any time he fails a Use Technological Device check, or fires the cannon, he must also make a Use Technological Device check instead of a Ride check to retain control of his mount. (See the WoW RPG, Chapter 5: Skills, "Ride" for an explanation.) If the check fails, he can do nothing else until he regains control.

The cannon launches an explosive torpedo-like shell that deals 6d6 points of damage, half of which is fire and half of which is slashing. The range increment on this weapon is 50 feet. The cannon can be fired only if the giant turtle is on the surface. A giant turtle battle sub can carry up to 40 torpedoes. Reloading a torpedo is a full-round action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Fuel: A battle sub requires 2 vials of liquid phlogiston to activate and 1 vial for every hour of constant use thereafter. Each torpedo for the cannon weighs 5 lbs. and costs 60 gp.

Malfunction: The sub fails to pressurize. The pilot must wait 10 minutes before he can make another attempt. If a malfunction occurs underwater, the sub must surface or the pilot drowns.

Hardness 5; 40 hp; Size Large; Weight 500 lb.; MR 2; TS 18; Craft DC 38; Price 5,160 gp plus the cost of capturing and training a giant turtle (see the Monster Guide web bonus).

DRill CRawleR

Description: A Dark Iron device, the drill crawler is a projectile that pierces its target and then drills deeper into his flesh.

Operation: A drill crawler looks like a normal bullet. It can be fired from any sort of rifle capable of employing such ammunition. There is no Use Technological Device check required to employ a drill crawler. Simply load the bullet like you would any other, and fire the weapon normally. However, if the gun malfunctions, the malfunction result listed below applies in addition to the weapon's usual malfunction effect.

When a drill crawler is fired, there are three possible results: a miss, a normal hit and a partial impact.

If the shot was a miss, the drill crawler is lost. If the shot was a normal hit, it deals normal damage plus continuing damage (see below). If the shot missed, but would have hit the target's touch AC, this is a partial impact. A partial impact also occurs if the bullet's damage doesn't penetrate the foe's damage reduction.

If a partial impact occurs, the bullet deals no damage, but the crawler is attached to the exterior of the target. Each round, on the wielder's turn, the bullet crawls about, looking for gaps to drill into. The crawler makes an attack roll with a +5 bonus against (10 + the target's armor bonus + the target's natural armor bonus). No benefit is provided by a shield bonus or deflection bonus as the crawler has already passed these lines of defense. If the crawler hits, it begins dealing continuing damage.

Continuing damage bypasses all damage reduction. Each round, the crawler deals 1d6 points of damage as it grinds away at the target's flesh. Removing a crawler requires a standard action and a DC 15 Heal check. A crawler drills for 5 rounds (not including its seeking rounds) before running out of power.

Fuel: One vial of phlogiston powers 10 drill crawlers.

Malfunction: The crawler is destroyed and jams the gun, in addition to any other effects the malfunction might cause. Removing the broken crawler requires one full-round action and a DC 20 Craft (technological device) check, and provokes attacks of opportunity.

Hardness 1; 3 hp; Size Diminutive (Fine before firing); Weight 1/3 lb.; MR 0; TS 3; Craft DC 18; Price 63 gp each.

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