Goblin Alchemy and Hobgoblins

If there is anything a goblin's truly gifted at (other than steam technology, haggling and pranks), it's alchemy. Despite their recklessness, goblins are the foremost and greatest alchemists on the planet, with the Forsaken quickly catching up. While explosives and gunpowder are common alchemical staples, goblins also experiment in other fields. Perhaps the most shocking of their experiments is their rare mutagenic work. Kezan has its small handful of strange and mutated creatures, the rejects of failed goblin experiments. They've even experimented on their own kind, creating the stupid but strong hobgoblins. You won't find a hobgoblin wandering around the world too often. Almost all members of the subrace are kept in Undermine's halls. As large as an orc and resembling a bulky purple goblin, hobgoblins are alchemically created for strength and simplicity, despite their physical and emotional instability. Most are as intelligent as a dumb ogre, and that's if you're lucky. However, the occasional hobgoblin forms some form of independence and escapes. Whether we'll see more of these creatures in the future is anyone's guess.

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