Goblin Organizations

Goblins run several enterprises across Azeroth. Here's a few of the more well-known businesses.

The Alchemists' Union: They deal with alchemy, cross-breeding and science in general. Their greatest creations are the dread hobgoblins. Head Alchemist Gigglefont, runs the Union.

The Tinkers' Union: At war with the gnomes and dwarves, the Tinkers' Union deals with technology and the construction of gizmos, weapons and mechanical monstrosities. Director Tek'zik Riddlevox, overseer of the Undermine Tinkers' Union, runs the union.

The Trade Coalition: Run by Undermine's trade princes, the Trade Coalition controls much of the commerce throughout the world. Trade Prince Steamwheedle, the richest known goblin on Azeroth, runs the shipping division practically on his own.

Trade Fleets: Fleets of vessels (both merchant and military), the goblin Trade Fleets run goods all over Azeroth, and are the trade princes' true power. Each fleet has its own captain, while Vice Admiral Grezzlik oversees all fleets. The Venture Company: The most notorious goblin organization, the Venture Company deforests and plunders the world for its natural resources. Mogul Razdunk, a quote-unquote "not nice person," owns and runs the Venture Company.

next man, but goblins often go too far with their pranks. I'm sure you all heard about the goblin who gave a present to another, and then laughed his pointy-eared head off when the box blew up and seriously injured the recipient. While not all pranks are deadly, I've learned long ago to never accept a goblin present.

Unity and direction for the race may be number one on any other race's mind, but for a goblin, he is number one. Unity is good and all, but where's the gold? So, each goblin, while working for the trade princes, also works for himself, in the hope that, one day, he will become a trade prince as well.

Goblins may love gold first and foremost, but technology comes in a close second. Goblins may have been the definitive name in technology long ago, but now their machines barely run. This doesn't stop the race from playing with technology, however, and goblins run the market in destructive weaponry. Just remember, you get what you pay for.

Goblins were once brilliant inventors, but no longer. They try desperately to maintain their amazing devices, but they're no longer clever enough to carry out the

maintenance properly. They now rely on improvisations and jury-rigs that work only haphazardly. Thus, when a goblin creates, the process might appear to be one part ingenuity and five parts desperate improvisation. Most goblin items look suicidal to use, and rarely work correctly.

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