Goldknuckles Secret Lair

At this point, the adventurers enter what Goldknuckle refers to as his secret lair (see the map). A waterfall originally carved most of this cave out of a natural rock outcropping, but Zykos eventually widened it out so it could house his ultimate invention, the world tweaker.

The walls within the cavern are made of logs stacked up and reinforced with steel bars and straps. Though far too heavy to be moved by hand, they were obviously placed here by something (actually the shredder, using a couple of manipulator arms).

Since the only one who lives here now is Zykos with his construct minions, he hasn't bothered to keep the place clean or orderly. Scattered bolts, springs and other trash litter the floors. Here and there, the rusting remains of a fallen clockwork creation lie, gathering dust and forgotten.

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