Hakkar the Soulflayer

The bloodthirsty god known as Hakkar the Soulflayer supported the Gurubashi trolls in their time of need. Hakkar aided the trolls in rebuilding their kingdom, shattered when the Well of Eternity imploded and sundered the land, but the increasingly ravenous god demanded blood sacrifices every day.

Finally, Hakkar commanded his priests, the Hakkari, to bring him physically into Azeroth. This way, Hakkar could feed on lives directly without waiting for sacrifices. A small fragment of the Hakkari, known as the Atal'ai, agreed to follow their god's command. The rest of the Hakkari refused, and civil war broke out. The Hakkari, the Gurubashi, and the Zandalari killed most of the Atal'ai, but a few escaped and fled deeper into the Swamp of Sorrows. There, they built the Temple of Atal'Hakkar and continued to try and bring their god into the world.

The Hakkari had allied with the other Gurubashi trolls against the Atal'ai, but after the war found themselves persecuted. The Gurubashi remembered that the Hakkari had willingly made sacrifices to Hakkar and turned their rage on the priests. Some Hakkari escaped

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