HeRoes and the Argent Dawn

Members of the Argent Dawn focus on combating evil in every form; members are expected to contribute in any way they can. Recent initiates are expected to work with other members to prove themselves, but the organization doesn't have strict guidelines for how long this must be done; few things are mandatory within their organization. Most field agents strive to become templar, a title which designates a high level of authority within the organization; at this point, the member can usually go where she pleases, and she wields a fair amount of influence. Members can exchange items called "valor tokens" for a variety of magic items from the Argent Dawn's vaults, as well as for favors and services, such as having a member of the Dawn cast a spell at your request. The organization expects its members to check in constantly and let their leaders know what they are up to, but it doesn't keep anyone on a tight leash. That being said, a person's position in life outside of the Argent Dawn is independent from her rank within it; a high-ranking lord joining the Argent Dawn is expected to follow his superiors' orders regardless of his influence elsewhere.

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