HeRoes and the Cena Rion CiRcle

Members of the Cenarion Circle are first and foremost defenders of nature. They travel the world, maintaining the fragile balance between nature and civilization. When they discover threats against nature or encounter anomalies, they do everything in their power to stop them. Some missions may involve the gathering of rare herbs or plants, spying upon the forces of the Scourge or another faction that threatens the natural world, or even taking direct actions against such threats. Members of the Cenarion Circle need little incentive, as serving nature and ensuring its safety is considered reward enough.

night elves' immortality. Malfurion refused, saying that such a tree would become an abomination. When Malfurion fell into a coma and Fandral succeeded him, he convinced the rest of the organization of his opinion. Thus, Fandral — with the support of the rest of the Cenarion Circle —instigated the creation of Teldrassil.

Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem (male tauren): Hamuul Runetotem lives in Thunder Bluff, where he is an important leader of his community. Considered by many of his peers as one of the most honorable and just druids in the world, Hamuul Runetotem is fervently dedicated to the Cenarion Circle and the protection of nature. Hamuul recently dreamed that there was a group of druids who were noble, but had lost their way. They had become servants of the taint seeping through the Barrens. (This group of corrupted druids is known as the druids of the fang, and they dwell in the Wailing Caverns.)

Keeper Remulos (male keeper of the grove): Remulos was Malfurion's chief advisor and, a thousand years ago, he helped forge the Cenarion Circle by teaching men to become druids. Perhaps the most powerful druid in the world, the other members of the group hold Remulos in great reverence.

Commander Mar'alith (male human): Commander Mar'alith fought many wars in his life. Before long, he realized that the only way to save the world was to safeguard nature from the malevolent forces that sought to destroy it. After long years of tutelage, he learned the ways of the druids and was admitted into the Cenarion Circle. He now commands the Cenarion Circle forces in Silithus.

Commander Mar'alith's wife, Mistress Natalia Mar'alith, recently began to behave strangely, and she went missing shortly afterward. The commander is worried, although in the weeks before her disappearance, his wife steadfastly maintained that she was perfectly well. Little does the commander know that she has gone insane — or perhaps been possessed? — and has voluntarily entered a large silithid hive in the area.

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