HeRoes and the DaRk HoRde

Rend's typical followers are older orcs who remember the old days, when the blood of demons ran in orc veins and humans died at orc hands. Some younger orcs, trolls, and ogres join Rend's cause as well, though: individuals who grew up hearing tales of glory from their elders. Some feel they deserve a grander lot in life than helping the weak humans beat back the powerful demons; why help the losing side when you can ally with the winner? Yet all these new recruits are exceedingly rare; almost no one joins the Dark Horde. Most of Rend's followers are barbarians, hunters, warriors and warlocks. A handful of priests who serve the Burning Legion supply healing. Rend counts no shaman among his followers, though forest trolls and ogres also comprise the Dark Horde.

Only the most rabidly fanatical of the Dark Horde's members believe they stand a chance. Most accept that, eventually, they will fall to Thrall's superior numbers and allies. Nonetheless, Rend's followers receive certain benefits that offset this bleak destiny. Orcs who possessed high clan ranks in the original Horde of the first and second wars resume that rank if they transfer their allegiance to Rend. Rend follows a philosophy of "live for today, for tomorrow may bring death." He regularly throws feasts and celebrations for even the smallest triumphs. Some orc members brought females to the organization — wives, sisters or slaves — and Rend demands that the females show favor to the strongest and most heroic members of his false Horde. Most females cannot fight for Rend's Horde; they must obey old Horde laws that forbid women from fighting, hunting or engaging in any other male activities. Only exceptionally strong and courageous women may fight for the Dark Horde. Knowing that he must hold fast to every member he has, Rend splits treasure from slain enemies or pillaged settlements evenly among his (male) followers, with a bonus for clan heads, exceptional bravery, and, of course, himself. The Dark Horde spends its time figuring out how to hurt Thrall's Horde and the Alliance without exposing themselves too much. Clan leaders form strategies to attack small, isolated settlements, or groups of travelers. The lowest-ranking members undertake these missions. Stealthy members, such as hunters and scouts, infiltrate Horde and Alliance bastions to uncover intelligence on troop movements, fledgling settlements and defenses. Members with arcane knowledge seek out forgotten orc fortifications from the time of the Second War, where enchanted weapons and armor might remain. High-ranking members use gathered information to formulate strategies, and sometimes lead particularly dangerous missions. In addition, Nefarian sometimes orders Rend to perform tasks that benefit the black dragonflight, such as attacking nearby dragon lairs or recovering lost items of power, and Rend sends his own men to fulfill the dragon's wishes.

Once an individual joins Rend's Horde, he becomes a member for life. Rend would rather kill one of his men than let him leave. Any Dark Horde orc who wishes to abandon the organization must do so secretly, and flee as far away as possible, lest Rend hunt him down.

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