Heroes and the Explorers League

Official members of the guild get a weekly salary, access to guildhalls, even a bed to sleep on. Members are also granted access to great libraries, books and tomes and artifacts outsiders don't even know about. However, newly initiated prospectors, also known as journeymen, are not allowed outside of the guildhall for at least three months during their training. Exceptions exist (especially for PCs) but the guild keeps tight reins on its fledglings.

■ Outsiders may also seek employment with the Explorers' League. Most digs occur in or near dangerous territory, and the tunnels the dwarves unearth are full of hazards. The guild often hires outsiders to do some old-fashioned dungeon crawling, serve as guards, or simply slay an annoyance to a dig site. The guild pays well, offering plenty of gold as an incentive.

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