HeRoes and the Green DRagonflight

Heroes working with the green dragonflight are likely to focus on investigating the Nightmare. Although most of the flight is also investigating the Nightmare, the flight still supports its members and allies as it always has, training the druids of Azeroth and teaching them how to navigate the Emerald Dream.

Eranikus (male green dragon): Eranikus, consort to Ysera, is among the greatest of the green dragons, and it was Ysera who originally gave him the task of guarding the Temple of Atal'Hakkar in the Swamp of Sorrows. However, Eranikus went insane not long after he entered the temple, and since then the trolls in the temple have dispatched a group to Zul'Gurub, where they have succeeded in summoning Hakkar into the world.

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