HeRoes and the HakkaRi

The Hakkari accept only jungle trolls into their ranks, and they don't accept many. A campaign in which the players control members of the Hakkari would be an interesting one, but probably not good for more than a few sessions. The heroes (villains?) would undoubtedly be evil, as they serve a primitive and bloodthirsty god, and evil PCs do not make for good extended campaigns. As Hakkari, the heroes defend their temple from invading adventurers from the Horde and Alliance. Jammal'an or another member of the Atal'ai may ask them to gather artifacts or information from the larger world — perhaps from Zandalar, where many ancient troll artifacts lie. They may also hunt down exiles or enemies who may prove a nuisance in the future. If they are powerful enough, Hakkar may summon them to his presence and give them special assignments.

souls to the Blood God. With the Atal'ai supreme and Hakkar manifest, it will be a dark day for the rest of the world, so I say we work with the Zandalari and take out Hakkar and his priests before they take us out.

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