Heroes and the Scarlet Crusade

Players who wish to play Scarlet Crusade PCs have two options. Either their characters are evil and willingly follow the Crusade's tenets, or they are good characters who have been taken in by the Crusade's propaganda and now realize the organization's fanaticism and depravity.

In the first case, the heroes likely respond to the structure and zealotry of the Crusade with enthusiasm. Their missions involve attacking Forsaken settlements, hunting down the Lich King's minions, and assisting in the siege on Stratholme. By obeying orders and completing their missions, the heroes can ascend in rank until one day they might control their own division. Heroes may start as neutral or even good-aligned, but if they accept the teachings of the Crusade wholeheartedly, they slide inexorably to evil.

In the second case, the heroes might react with horror as they learn the true depth of evil in the Crusade. They might seek to escape from the organization, or remain within as secret saboteurs, trying to fight the Crusade from the inside. If the heroes prove subtle, dedicated and tenacious enough, they may protect many innocents, shield Forsaken in the area, and even uncover the Crusade's true leader. One day they may grow powerful enough to destroy the Crusade.

eradicate the walking dead. Abbendis is the daughter of the previous High General Abbendis, an older man who sought to destroy all undead. He passed that goal onto his daughter before he died at undead hands. The current High General Abbendis is a young woman with red hair and blue eyes.

Grand Inquisitor Isillien (male human): Isillien is the spiritual heart of the Scarlet Crusade. He exudes an aura of calm and peace that soothes those around him, and any member with doubts about her place in the Crusade finds a conversation with Isillien enlightening. He is slower to judge than Abbendis, which wins him the trust of many Crusaders; but they say Isillien has a dark side. He stabbed his page to death and later claimed the boy was an undead spy; no one could disprove the accusation, and so Isillien suffered no repercussions. Rumor also whispers that during times of stress, Isillien visits the undead prisoners late at night, always alone, and emerges from the dungeons looking calm and peaceful once more. Isillien is a thin man with bright green eyes, red hair, and a full beard and moustache.

Highlord Taelan Fordring (male human): Taelan Fordring is probably the most rational and good-hearted of all the Scarlet Crusade leaders. I had a chance to talk with him in Tyr's Hand; he seems like a genuinely nice guy. I don't know if the war addled him a bit, or his grief over the Scourge's activities combined with his worshipful adoration of his mentor, Isillien, blinds him to the Crusade's true nature. He had a pat rhetorical answer for all my questions, but he seemed to genuinely believe what he was saying! Unlike many paladins in the Crusade, Fordring has remained true to his beliefs and still serves the Light. I can't help but wonder why he hasn't seen the truth of what goes on around him. If someone could open Fordring's eyes, it would be a catastrophe for the Crusade. Fordring is a young man with a strong build and features quite appealing to the ladies.

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