HeRoes and the Tho Rium BRoche Rhood

The easiest way for characters to become involved with the Thorium Brotherhood — if they're not Dark Iron dwarves — is to become customer-suppliers for the guild. Any number of adventures could be set around the heroes traveling to exotic and dangerous locales in search of rare reagents for the Brotherhood. The heroes might be doing this for purely mercenary reasons, but they could also be agents for another faction seeking to win the Brotherhood's favor to supply their cause. The heroes may even come in conflict with members of another faction who have the same idea.

Another possibility is a mixed party where some members belong to the Thorium Brotherhood and other members are permanent contractors (read: mercenaries). In addition to seeking special components, the heroes can search for new enchantment formulas to add to the Brotherhood's collection. The heroes may also be involved in marketing — discovering potential customers and convincing them to buy from/work for the Thorium Brotherhood.

A party composed entirely of Thorium Brotherhood members is unlikely, but certainly possible. Perhaps the heroes are the staff of a trading post, in which case many of their "adventures" will come to them. Customers, suppliers, local authorities, competitors, and even natural dangers can conspire against the heroes' trade.

Overseer Oilfist (male Dark Iron dwarf): Oilfist joined the Thorium Brotherhood as the apprentice of Lokhtos Darkbargainer and quickly rose within the guild. It was Oilfist who conceived of the plan to covertly craft items necessary to make their escape from Blackrock Depths. During the escape, his skill at arms helped the guild overcome its elemental taskmasters. Once free, Oilfist was a natural choice to replace the absent Lokhtos as the guild's overseer. Overseer Oilfist takes his job seriously, and deals harshly with any who disobey him. Although he has many underlings, Oilfist has no qualms about getting his hands dirty — whether in the forges or on the battlements. His favorite weapon is a multi-bladed dwarven waraxe — heavily enchanted, no doubt.

Malyfous Darkhammer (male Dark Iron dwarf): Malyfous Darkhammer is an incredibly skilled smith who makes his living at the Brotherhood's trading post in Everlook. A catalogue of all the enchantments Malyfous and his assistants can craft is available for perusal by customers.

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