HeRoes and the ZandalaR Tribe

The most obvious way that heroes might interact with the Zandalari is by running into (or seeking out) one of their agents on the mainland and accepting a quest to foul Hakkar's plans.

Another interesting idea is a campaign in which the heroes are Zandalar trolls. In this capacity, the heroes strike out from Zuldazar performing missions for Rastakhan or a lesser member of the tribe. The Zandalari aren't interested in politics, and get along with anyone who helps them strike at Hakkar and his priests. Thus, the heroes may find themselves joining forces with Alliance or Horde adventurers on occasion. Zuldazar's storehouses are vast, and the tribe rewards its people well. If the heroes are successful in their endeavors, their rewards are gold, magic, favor with the rest of the Zandalar tribe, and greater autonomy to further their tribe's goals.

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