The Farstriders group had its roots in the Troll Wars, which ended around year -2800, though they didn't actually form as a group and take on the name "Farstriders" until roughly 500 years ago.

When the group formed, it was called the Farstriders to reflect its purpose: Its mandate was to protect Quel'Thalas and high elf interests far beyond their nation's borders. Members of the Farstriders ventured far abroad, all over Azeroth, as needed.

Despite the feelings of the majority of their race, the Farstriders are one of the few blood elf groups that still has some honor and nobility associated with it. This group of rangers is still strongly tied to the land. They're trying to retake Quel'Thalas, and they believe they can do so and not lose sight of who they are.

These guys are good. Comprised of the best elven rangers, the Farstriders took war to a new level, inventing new stalking and guerilla techniques, and ever improving their skill with bows. The rangers even learned to find weak points in otherwise fortified creatures, such as undead and golems. Heck, even an arrow alone is dangerous in the hands of a Farstrider.

Like other societies, the Farstriders evolved over time. As the troll threats were minimized, the Farstriders focused their abilities on other endeavors. Already skilled in stealthy combat, Farstriders formed surgical attack teams independent of Quel'Thalas's main military force, but under the royalty's rule. Farstriders were one part border patrol, one part special operations squads, and just mean combat machines.

After the Horde attacked Quel'Thalas in the Second War, the Farstriders, along with the rest of the high elves, joined the Alliance. The Farstriders and other elven rangers focused on combating the Horde's forest troll berserkers. Many stayed behind as well, serving as border patrol and training new rangers for the war effort. Many Farstriders died to save their nation.

The Farstriders reported directly to Ranger-General Sylvanas Windrunner, the leader of their organization. When Sylvanas fell with Silvermoon, the Farstriders chose a new leader, Ranger-General Halduron Brightwing. Despite the horrendous problems their race faces, the rangers remain dedicated to their goal simply because there is work to be done, and they must do it.

Today, the Farstriders exist much as they once did, blasting any evil that threatens the elven race. Every one of them is a blood elf now. The Farstriders' goal

is to eradicate the Scourge from the southern parts of Quel'Thalas and heal the damage to the forests caused by the war. According to one bloke, Zul'Aman rises again, which means troll aggressions increase. The Farstriders meet this call to arms in Eversong Forest, and battle the Amani trolls once again.

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