,ry saner Dragon Aspects, hid it far away. That was a solid 10,000 years ago, but Deathwing showed himself again in the Second War and wrought havoc on the Alliance forces. This time, he had a mortal agent use the Demon Soul to capture Alexstrasza, the red Dragon Aspect, and thus subjugate the red dragonflight.. (He also disguised himself as a human lord — Daval Prestor — and tried to marry Lordaeron's princess. I wonder where Calia is these days? Hmm, that's a pretty good question, I'll have to look into that.)

Needless to say, the other Dragon Aspects were furious that Deathwing was on the assault again, and they worked together to drive him off and free the Dragonqueen. I haven't heard anything about him since that time. These days, it's Deathwing's children who wreak havoc; primarily Onyxia and Nefarian, who

Once, the black dragons were led by Neltharion the Earth-Warder, but somewhere along the line his sanity slipped. Neltharion snapped during the War of the Ancients, planning to betray the other dragonflights Somewhere along the line, Neltharion created the Dragon Soul, which would later be renamed the Demon Soul, and changed his name to Deathwing. Soon enough, he turned it against the other dragonflights as planned, but the artifact was stolen and turned over to forces of the Burning Legion. Toward the end of the war, though, Malfurion Stormrage and his allies retrieved the Demon Soul and, at the direction of the

I already mentioned.

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