Back during the Second War, a friend of we three brothers, an intellectual dwarf named Munnin Magellas, had a dream — no, a vision — of discovering the world's secrets, and our own as well. We three brothers, along with many other like-minded dwarves, pitched in to make his dream a reality, and thus the Explorers' League came to exist, dedicated to discovering all the secrets we could get our grubby, callused hands on.

Years later, during an archaeological dig, we discovered something that would change our lives forever. Deep underground, a small group of dwarves found an intriguing set of ruins, strewn with titan artifacts and scripts. Among them were the keys to our lost heritage! Driven to discover the truth about his people's fabled origins, King Magni Bronzebeard ordered that the dwarves shift their industry from mining and engineering to that of archaeology. Certainly, this is a monumental point in dwarven history.

Before this event, dwarves, by nature fascinated with shaping gems and stone, set out to mine the surrounding mountains for riches and precious minerals. Content with their labors under the world, the dwarves remained isolated from the affairs of their surface-dwelling neighbors. After the founding of the Explorers' League and the subsequent discovery of our past, we realized that we could no longer live apart from the world. We had to get out in the world, take risks, and live.

If for nothing else, we live to discover who we are. Our involvement with the world is costly - perhaps the best example is when an ice shard from Frostmourne's prison, shattered due to Arthas's anger, desperation, and carelessness, slew my brother Muradin - but we're willing to pay that cost if it means we now know who we are. Our lives have purpose now, beyond simply cutting rocks and gems, And it's a wonderful thing.

We took only about a decade to discover more information, not just about us but the world. In fact, this book and my prior documents (see Lands of Conflict, Lands of Mystery, the Alliance Player's Guide, and the Horde Player's Guide) are all notes my guild has taken for study. Everything the guild gathered is stored in our building's halls, in the capital of Ironforge.

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