During the Second War, the Horde sought to conscript some Alliance nobles to help them in their campaign. Lord Aiden Perenolde, ruler of Alterac, was terrified of the Horde and persuaded a number of Alterac's nobles that an orc victory was inevitable. Thus it was that the nation of Alterac aided the Horde during the Second War in a number of ways, not the least of which was allowing the Horde to march west, unhindered, from Quel'Thalas through the Alterac Mountains. In this manner the Horde swiftly reached the capital city of Lordaeron and caught King Terenas by surprise. When Terenas discovered Perenolde's treachery, he sent Alliance soldiers into Alterac and declared martial law. Perenolde was ultimately imprisoned, and other collaborators were stripped of their titles and property, then imprisoned or exiled.

Many citizens thought death would not have been too harsh for these turncoats, and thus life became difficult for them. Few people wanted to be associated with the exiles, and they were turned away from every door. On a realistic level, their numbers were large; they resembled refugees instead of a handful of exiles, and most farmhouses couldn't have kept them if they'd wanted to. Leadership among them was also in dispute. Lord Aiden Perenolde was rotting in prison (where he would eventually die), though his son Aliden attempted to assume command.

The ousted nobles discovered, to their dismay, that the few bands of free orcs in Lordaeron wanted nothing to do with them and refused them sanctuary, so they began stealing to stay alive. This haughty, fractious group, only loosely affiliated with each other, had many troubles.

Aliden Perenolde, son and heir of Aiden Perenolde was not content to be a lowly highwayman. He realized he had to do something drastic to reclaim his ancestral lands. When the Burning Legion and the Scourge assaulted Lordaeron, he did not repeat his father's mistake by allying himself with the enemy; he simply took advantage of the Alliance's distraction to move on his lands. The harried and panicked citizens, the people the nobles once ruled, were frightened and confused and put up little fight, more concerned with the hellish creatures that rampaged over the land.

At this point, other outlaws joined their ranks. These professional thieves found they preferred a larger community of rogues to working alone, although some detested the Syndicate's haughty noble leaders.

The Syndicate thus retook the Alterac Mountains and currently battles with ogres and undead to keep their lands. However, these nobles are not content merely to hold their ancestral lands, but set their sights on conquering all of Lordaeron. Even now they lay claim to territory in the Arathi Highlands, and I have no doubt that when they have it firmly under their control, the Syndicate will look to another region.

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