Blackrock Spire served as a base of operations for the Horde during the Second War. Rend didn't get much more than a handful of orcs on his side. His force was only a fortieth of Thrall's, if that, even with his troll and ogre allies. It seemed likely that the Dark Horde would be crushed like a goblin skull under an ogre club. Then salvation and damnation arrived in the form of the black dragonflight.

I've dealt with dragons before, and I've always found them to be majestic, obscenely powerful but overall rational creatures. One of my contacts, a young red I made friends with on my travels, told me about the black dragonflight. He claims the Dark Horde in Blackrock Spire serves Nefarian, the son of Deathwing, the most powerful black dragon in Azeroth that we know of. The stories I heard about Deathwing curl my beard; I've recorded the gory details elsewhere in this chapter (see the section on the dragonflights for more information), so I'll stick to the bare facts about Nefarian here.

He's a power-hungry, vicious dragon, and he decided the Spire would be a nice place to settle down. Rend didn't want to move out of Blackrock Spire, but he couldn't even dream of fighting something as powerful as Nefarian. Nefarian needed new servants to serve as expendable forces, and so the Dark Horde and the black dragonflight agreed to ally. By that I mean, Nefarian w o

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