I still don't know how the Argent Dawn came to be; some say that Lord Maxwell Tyrosus, once a mighty knight, founded it in disgust after Arthas's betrayal. At first, most believed the Argent Dawn to be a new subsect of the Silver Hand, but swiftly it became evident that they had developed some unusual, different principles and methods. For example, many are known for having cast off paladin armor to find ways to turn the Holy Light toward destructive uses.

Since the Argent Dawn is a recently created organization, the public knows little about it or its hierarchy. Some see the Argent Dawn as a sign of hope, others as another failure. A few think the Argent Dawn insane, associating them with the much better known Scarlet Crusade, another anti-undead organization based in the Plaguelands. I'll admit both groups are strange, but that's about as far as the similarities go.

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