The red dragonflight was once a dominant force in the world, but Deathwing's betrayal took a heavy toll on them. In more recent years, the Horde enslaved the red dragonflight, and thus most red dragons harbor an animosity toward orcs to this day. The red dragonflight was freed from its captivity by humans and elves (well, one of each) and dwarves, so perhaps they'll think a little better of the Alliance. It's hard to say — I haven't seen or heard almost anything from them since the Battle of Grim Batol.


The red dragonflight shou

dragonflight should theoretically count the Alliance among its allies, but we don't know what the dragons are thinking (or doing) right now. Since the orcs enslaved the red dragons in the Second War, it's probably safe to say the red dragons aren't fond of the Horde — even if Thrall clearly different type of leader than Doomhammer was. Beyond that, the relationships should be pretty obvious — they share the same enemies as the other flights.

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