The Knights of the Silver Hand are everything the Scarlet Crusade pretends to be. They're noble, righteous and just. It's a tragedy what happened to the knights; Arthas, a paladin full of promise, one of their own, turned into an evil pawn of the Lich King. In hindsight, it's not surprising that the order's decimation drove some of them mad.

Isillien and Abbendis were two adherents of the Light who survived Arthas's betrayal of the Silver Hand in body, but perhaps not in mind. They went mad with

Crusaders, I wish I knew.

Relationships the enormity of the situation. Isillien and Abbendis, Saidan Dathrohan, Scarlet Commander Morgraine, and Taelan Fordring founded the Scarlet Crusade to fight back against the undead they saw as having corrupted Arthas and destroyed their order. Of course the Silver Hand bounced back eventually, but that didn't appease the founders. They had declared war on the undead and nothing was going to deter them from their holy quest.

A lot of people liked die idea of a crusade against the undead. The Lich King and the Scourge had caused so much damage and heartbreak in Lordaeron that it's no wonder the people wanted vengeance.

Not long after, the paladin Saidan Dathrohan became Grand Commander Dathrohan. He took command of the organization, while Abbendis and Isillien took control of the troops.

Now the Crusade hunts down undead in the Plaguelands, relentlessly following even the vaguest rumors and sightings to find any pockets of undead resistance. They refuse to differentiate between Scourge and Forsaken, and they kill anyone who challenges them. The common folk are terrified of die Crusade, and few oppose the scarlet knights out of fear for their lives. The Church of the Holy Light tries to separate itself from Crusade activities. The Alliance condemns the Crusade too, but none of the public backlash deters the Crusaders a whit. The Crusade thinks it serves an incredibly important purpose; they see themselves as the last bastion standing between the wicked undead and the innocent mortal folk of the rest of the world. Who's going to stand between the innocent mortal folk and the

Crusaders, I wish I knew.


The Scarlet Crusade considers itself an ally of all right-thinking, rational mortals of the world. Few mortals would agree with diis, it seems, given the official positions of the Alliance and the Horde. The Horde protects its own, and that means it opposes the Scarlet Crusade on behalf of its Forsaken members. The Crusade doesn't seem too torn up over the lack of support from the ores and trolls, though.

No one can tell the Crusade they have no allies, of course. Church officials who attempt to explain dieir position to Crusaders become undead sympathizers and then targets. Likewise with Alliance representatives. Why doesn't die Alliance just destroy the Crusaders? The Alliance already has so many enemies and the Crusade is well-established. The Crusade keeps a portion of the Lich King's forces occupied. Maybe someday in the future die Alliance or the Church will try to disband the Scarlet Crusade, but for now they have more important things on their minds.

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