Hongs ThRoatBuRneR

Description: A pandaren traveler and fan of Hong's famous brews developed this device to assist in cases when she couldn't find the appropriate beverages. The throat-burner attaches to the head or to a helmet. Two canisters contain any of a variety of liquids, and thin tubes extend from the canisters to the wearer's mouth, allowing him to drink the contents without taking time to search through his backpack and find a potion. Handy — but its true use comes from the alchemical infusions that rest in separate compartments in each canister.

Operation: Strapping the device to one's head or helmet is a standard action that doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity. Doing so requires a DC 18 Use Technological Device check.

A throat-burner partially transforms any nonmagical beverage consumed into a short-term variant of one of Hong's brews, such as bravery brew or fighting ale (described in More Magic & Mayhem). The beverage's effects last for only 1d6+1 rounds and only so long as the bearer continues to sip from the tubes. For example, if the user desires Hong's fighting ale, she can avoid a sickened or shaken effect for up to 1d6+1 rounds, after which the effect resumes. (Drinking something is a standard action.)

Refilling the canisters takes 1 minute and a DC 18 Use Technological Device check. Sipping from the canisters to gain the benefits of this device depletes them of their contents.

Fuel: A throat-burner uses alchemical reagents costing 20 gp for each use.

Malfunction: The device seems fine, but the next time the wearer uses it, the liquid turns to a dangerous poison. Initial and secondary damage 1d4 Sta, Fort DC 18. (Because characters should not know this result, the GM might choose to roll the character's Use Technological Device check in secret.)

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