• Amphibious: Naga can breathe both air and water indefinitely. They are equally comfortable on land and in water.

• Naga have a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (arcana) and Spellcraft checks. These skills are class skills for all naga characters.

• Swim is a class skill for all naga characters.

• Automatic Languages: Common and Nazja.

• Bonus Languages: Darnassian, Low Common, and Nerglish. Naga learn to speak with the creatures with which they interact. Some learn the language of their heritage as well.

• Racial Levels: Unlike humans and some other races, naga can take a few levels in "naga" as a class to develop their racial qualities more fully.

• Favored Class: Mage (women) or warrior (men). A multiclass naga's mage (for women) or warrior (for men) class does not count when determining whether she or he suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing (see WoW RPG, Chapter 3: Classes, "Multiclass Characters," XP for Multiclass Characters).

Naga Levels

Naga can take up to three levels in "naga" at any time. Naga racial levels represent individuals drawing upon both their Highborne legacy and the power that mutated them over thousands of years.

Naga men and women evolve in slightly different ways. Hit Die: d8.

Skill Points at 1st Character Level: (2 + Int modifier) x 4.

Skill Points at Higher Levels: 2 + Int modifier.

"Class" Skills: Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Knowledge (military tactics) (Int), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Spellcraft (Int), Stealth (Agy), Survival (Spt), and Swim (Str). See Chapter 5: Skills in WoW RPG for skill descriptions.

Starting Gold: A lst-level naga with a level in naga begins play with 1d4 x 10 gold pieces.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Naga are proficient with simple weapons. They do not gain proficiency with any armor or shields.

Mutation (Ex): The Well of Eternity's residual energies are unpredictable, and their mutative power manifests in different ways. In all naga, many of these mutations are simply cosmetic — soft spines running down their backs, or extra fins adorning their arms, for instance. Some naga, though (those with racial levels), also possess mutations that have a more substantial effect.

At each level, the naga chooses one of the mutations listed below. Some mutations are available only to men or to women, and a few have other prerequisites as well (noted in italics). Unless otherwise noted, a naga can take any given mutation only once. Other mutations are also possible; these are merely some of the most common.

Arcane Aptitude (Female only): The naga's Intellect is considered to be +2 points higher when determining bonus spells and her spells' DCs.

Arcane Puissance (Female only): The naga gains new spell slots per day as if she had also gained a level in an arcane spellcasting class in which she possesses at least 1 level. She does not gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained. If she has more than one spellcasting class in which she can cast arcane spells, she must decide to which class she adds this level of naga for the purpose of determining spell slots per day. A naga can gain this mutation any number of times.

Claws (Male or Female): The naga gains two claw attacks that deal 1d4 points of damage each as primary or secondary natural weapons. See the Monster Guide, Chapter 5: Monster Types, Subtypes, and Abilities, "Natural Weapons," for more information.

Extra Arms (Female only): This mutation is especially common; indeed, most naga women have it, being born with four arms instead of two. All four of the naga's arms are equally dexterous and strong and can wield weapons. One hand is considered the primary hand and the other three are secondary. The naga can take the Multiweapon Fighting feat to reduce the penalties for fighting with multiple weapons (see the Monster Guide, Chapter 4: Monsters as Characters). However, naga born with extra arms tend to be frail; the naga suffers a -2 penalty to Stamina.

This mutation can be chosen only at 1st character level.

Growth (Male only): The naga grows to great size. The naga becomes a Large creature. His space and reach increase to 10 feet. He takes a -1 size penalty to AC and a -1 size penalty on attack rolls. He takes a -4 penalty on Stealth checks to hide, but gains a +4 bonus on grapple checks and on checks to avoid being tripped. He must wield weapons of Large size or take penalties. Similarly, he must wear armor appropriately sized for him, which costs twice as much as normal. His lifting and carrying capacities double. If he has claws, their base damage increases to 1d6. Prerequisite: Three levels in naga.

Hard Scales (Male or Female): The naga's natural armor bonus improves by +4.

Poison (Male or Female): The naga secretes poison. If the naga has claws, the poison applies to her claws; if not, the naga can run a weapon along her poison gland (often in the palm) to coat it with poison. Doing so is a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity. Initial and secondary damage 1d4 Agy; save DC 10 + the naga's racial class level + the naga's Stamina modifier.

Slippery (Male or Female): The naga's skin is especially slippery. She gains a +6 bonus on Escape Artist checks and her natural armor bonus improves by +1.

Snake Hair (Female only): The naga has small snakes on her head, like hair. The naga has a limited ability to see through the snakes' eyes. She cannot be flanked and gains a +2 bonus on Spot checks.

Spell-Like Ability (Male or Female): Choose one 1st-level spell from the arcanist or mage spell list. The naga can use this spell three times per day as a spell-like ability as a caster of a level equal to her character level. The spell's saving throw DC is 11 + the naga's Charisma modifier.

Increased Swim Speed: A 1st-level naga's swim speed increases to 40 feet. A 3rd-level naga's swim speed increases to 50 feet.

Table 1-5: The Naga

Base ga Attack Fort Ref Will vel Bonus Save Save Save Special

+0 +2/+0* +0 +0/+2* Mutation, increased swim speed i +! +3/+G* +G +G/+3* Mutation

I +2 +3/+!* +! +1/+3* Mutation, increased swim speed

* Naga men have good Fortitude saves, while naga women have good Will saves. The statistics for naga men are listed to the left of the slash, those for women to the right.


Mutation, increased swim speed


Mutation. increased swim speed


broken night elves lay scattered across the ground like the remains of a meal carelessly discarded. Zaj'tal breathed deep. Forest smell with the tang of blood — the smell of victory. He watched his warriors slither among the wreckage, searching the bodies and ruined structures for valuables. Perhaps they would be lucky and find the scepter they sought. Perhaps they would need to press on to destroy more of these loathsome creatures that were once his kin.

Something was not right, though. Zaj'tal slithered away from the village, to the edge of the forest. His heightened perceptions prickled. These night elves were tricky and sneaky. Some could easily hide in the forest. His eyes scoured the shadows, but he saw nothing. His grip tightened on his trident, then he let out a growling sigh and turned, presenting his back to the trees, as if disinterested. He had heard something.

A rush, a cry: "For Pandaria!" Zaj'tal spun and caught the edge of a slender sword between his trident's tines. He twisted, but the swordsman pulled his weapon back before Zaj'tal disarmed him. Zaj'tal slithered backward several feet to regard his opponent: deep in shadows, with a wide-brimmed hat, blotchy markings on his face. He wore a long garment, and was short and stocky.

"You are no elf," Zaj'tal growled, sliding to the side, forcing his opponent to circle into the moonlight. "What are you?"

"I am Shinjo Greatpaw, creature," the swordsman replied in an odd accent, "pandaren wardancer." Shinjo exploded into motion, forward and upward, slashing down at Zaj'tal's head as the ursine creature flipped over him. Zaj'tal parried and thrust up with one hand, slashing through cloth and flesh with his claws. He twisted and thrust at Shinjo's back as the pandaren landed, but Shinjo was too quick and rolled to the side, fully into the moonlight.

"Pandaren," Zaj'tal mused, gazing at his opponent and seeing the claw slashes along his belly. "I have heard of your kind, but never seen one. I thought you were unaffiliated. What do you care what I do to these elves?"

"I have friends among them!" Shinjo shouted, and lunged. Zaj'tal parried easily, once, twice.

"I believe, little panda," he rumbled, "that you had friends among them." He parried again, thrust, but Shinjo dodged. "I am Zaj'tal of the naga."

"I believe," Shinjo said — and suddenly he was pressed against Zaj'tal's chest. The naga had time to be surprised before he felt three feet of steel thrust through his belly. "That you were Zaj'tal of the naga." Shinjo twisted his blade, and pain shivered through Zaj'tal.

The naga clenched his teeth, blood dribbling down his jaw. "We shall see, little panda." He enveloped Shinjo in a crushing embrace and twisted a bracer on his arm. The two vanished.

Description: Pandaren are much like furbolgs in that they display bearlike traits while being a humanoid race.

While pandaren are similar in appearance to furbolgs, they do not possess the feral qualities of the coarse furbolg race. Indeed, pandaren are significantly calmer and more graceful.

Pandaren are often found in the company of dwarves in the Eastern Kingdoms. Many have made journeys to Khaz Modan. While pandaren are neutral in the affairs of Horde and Alliance, they have aided both sides in matters of great importance.

Whatever their relation to the Alliance, it does not seem that the pandaren will join the humans, elves and other Alliance races in their struggle against the Horde. For the pandaren, the internal politics of the Alliance are another noisome formality they must endure while learning all they can of the races that occupy the land.

Appearance: Where the furbolgs are broad shouldered and muscular, powerful and wild, pandaren are round shouldered, with a stocky build and blunt, ursine face. All pandaren have

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