I have to admit, the crazy little buggers are good at what they do. No one knows what exactly it is they do. Or even where they came from! However, during a trip to Undermine, I lucked out and discovered their true history. And now I pass it to you, you lucky mongrel.

Goblins have been around for a long time, but the creatures were reclusive. Long ago, the goblins were a native race of the Isle of Kezan, and didn't have a fraction of their current intelligence. There, the pitiful race lived as slaves to the jungle trolls, mining the subterranean tunnels where the trolls didn't like going. However, soon the goblins unearthed a mineral known as kaja'mite (a strange mineral named after Mount Kajaro). The trolls valued the mineral, using it in voodoo rituals, and forced the subterranean goblins to continue mining the mineral. The goblins soon came to sense at some basic level that the mineral held enchantments unknown to the trolls. The goblins hoarded the mineral, using it to fashion crude objects of power deep within Undermine's twisting tunnels.

However, the mineral had some unexpected side effects, if the lore's to be trusted. Not long after hoarding the mineral, goblins grew in intelligence. Soon, goblins developed technology, if just crude weapons and armor. With their increased intelligence, goblin cunning rose, and soon the race enacted a plan to free themselves from the trolls. In little time, the goblins owned the Isle of Kezan, and declared Undermine their capital. (Probably 'cause of the kaja'mite down there.)

Goblins rapidly expanded dieir knowledge of technology. Goblins created Azeroth's first steam technologies. If the history I found is accurate, their technology back then was truly something to see, making even dwarven works look like toddler stuff. Goblins established themselves as master technicians, selling their goods on the open market. However, the power within the kaja'mite artifacts were finite, and soon dwindled, needing to be replaced. Eventually, kaja'mite ran out altogether. Desperate, goblins spread out into the world, attempting to find any pockets of kaja'mite they might have missed. Unfortunately, over the next few thousand years, up until roughly 500 years before the First War, the goblins could find no further deposits of kaja'mite and goblin intelligence peaked. Without kaja'mite to strengthen their minds, goblins were unable to reproduce their brilliant technology or properly maintain it, and their works rapidly devolved into the crude jury-rigged machines of today. The world began to fear the volatile machines, and sales dropped considerably.

Goblins always had a love of money, however. With the loss of their intelligence and slow degradation of their technology, goblins embraced commerce. About 200 years before the First War, the beginnings of Trade Fleets sailed out of Kezan and into the world. Goblins, always the opportunists, chose war as the perfect opportunity to cash in some gold, and began building their trade empire during the First War. By the Second War, the goblins had established themselves as the

"Finest wares in all the world, I guarantee. Elven bows from Ashenvale, dwarven flintlocks from Ironforge, even troll South Sea trinkets! All quality!" Robeez stood behind his booth, built out of the side of his wagon, harking at the top of his tiny lungs. A group of young warriors, fresh human meat to send to the chopping fields, perked up at the goblin's calls, and wandered over.

The leader, a tall and beautiful human female, not much older than eighteen, fingered a sword lightly. "Finest quality, you say? This metal looks warped, pitted. I bet the second it hits armor, it'll be a pile of junk." The other humans laughed.

Fighting a guilty glance to the side, the merchant leaned over the table. "Perhaps this blade, but let me tell you of a new sword I just received. Purchased it off an orc returning from Zul'Aman. Finest troll steel. And ancient and magical." The goblin uttered the last low, hiding back a triumphant grin at the group's sudden interest. The leader frowned and crossed her arms. "Tell me more."

Robeez was in his element now. He began a long spiel about the history of the supposed artifact. In truth, the goblin picked it up off the body of a highway bandit he obliterated with his grenade launcher. The goblin held back a triumphant grin as he watched. He loved the arts of negotiation, bragging and commerce.

But more importantly, he decided as the female handed over a large pouch of coins, he loved the money.

o traders of the world. Then, they became exclusive partners with the Horde.

A Horde ambassador ventured forth and met with a single trade prince, asking for the goblins to provide machines and technology to the orcs, in exchange for spoils and gold. In the beginning, the arrangement seemed perfect. The goblin trade prince believed that the orcs would win the war, so he found it natural to join the winning side. Plus, the profits flooded Undermine's coffers, and the goblins expanded their slave markets. However, other goblins disagreed and remained neutral; thus, only this single trade prince and his subordinates joined the Horde. In the end, the trade prince realized his mistake and left the Horde, and the goblin race remembers the mistake and remains neutral to this day. The goblin race as a whole, in fact, is neutral. It's simply more profitable to play both sides against each other. Furthermore, Kalimdor bears untold riches and resources. The goblins will rise again, so the trade princes believe. And they say we dwarves have gold on our brains

Goblin Culture

At first, you'd think that all goblins are insane freaks of nature. However, truth be told, your average goblin is neither insane nor a freak; simply a greedy and corrupt little green creature.

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