J PRimal Magic SouRces

The kaldorei first developed their arcane powers through experimentation with the Well of Eternity. When the Highborne separated from the kaldorei and formed their own society, eventually becoming the high elves, they created their own source of magic, the Sunwell.

Arcanists seeking the deepest, most hidden powers of the land sometimes form expeditions to uncover the Sunwell (or its ruined remains). None succeed, of course; the prevalence of undead and blood elves in the ruins r of Quel'Thalas prevent anyone from uncovering this ancient secret. If an explorer were to uncover the Sunwell and drink from it, the effects would be unprecedented. Some researchers speculate that magical energy would fill the explorer to the point where his body could not handle the power, and he would explode. Others claim that while a drinker's body might disintegrate, her spirit would remain behind as an intangible creature of primal arcane power. Still others insist that the drinker would retain his mortality but become the most powerful arcanist on Azeroth.

physically into Azeroth. The green Dragon Aspect Ysera the Dreamer learned of their plans and destroyed their temple. The temple sank in the Swamp of Sorrows, and Ysera left a number of green dragons to guard it.

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