dragonflight place a fragment of their power into a golden disk known as the Dragon Soul. With this powerful artifact, the dragonflights could drive off the demons.

Malygos the Spell-Weaver, master of the blue dragonflight, supported Neltharion. The Dragon Aspects followed Neltharion's plan with disastrous results; the power-hungry — some say maddened — black dragon used the Dragon Soul against the blue, red, green and bronze dragonflights. He killed scores of dragons and nearly destroyed the blue dragonflight entirely. Since that time, the blue, red, green and bronze dragonflights have considered the black dragonflight their enemy, and the feeling is mutual. (See Chapter 7: The Factions for more information on the dragonflights.)

At the end of the War of the Ancients, the Well of Eternity imploded and was utterly destroyed. Azshara and her followers, now cursed to become naga, retreated to the bottom of the ocean, where the residual energies of the destroyed Well of Eternity mutated them.

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