g A M t excessive amount of gold jewelry and equipment, such as his namesake, the "golden knuckles" he uses for barefisted fighting). Fleeto insists that the machine must be destroyed, even beyond logical arguments to the contrary, such as someone suggesting that something so powerful might be able to do good works. It's too dangerous to be allowed to exist, he explains.

Fleeto also knows that Goldknuckle intends to use the world tweaker soon. He was planning on taking some time to finalize his plans (i.e., get some more gold), but if intruders break in, Fleeto warns, Goldknuckle's machine is ready to roll. So, once the heroes enter Goldknuckle's secret lair, they can't dally.

• The Destroyed Forest: Goldknuckle's machines tore down many trees in the forest to collect the fuel needed to construct the world tweaker. Fleeto doesn't bother to mention that he was piloting the shredder used to do most of this work; the heroes can make a Sense Motive check (opposed by Fleeto's Bluff check, with a +4 bonus since he's not actually lying) to determine that he's hiding something. If confronted about the truth, he breaks down and admits he helped — but that was before he knew Goldknuckle's plans. He thought they were expanding a mine, not trying to destroy the world!

Under no circumstances does Fleeto accompany the party to Goldknucle's secret lair, unless forced to do so against his will. As soon as the players slow their line of questioning, he catches his breath and takes off. Before he goes, he asks if they have any goblin rocket fuel they can loan him for his rocket boots. Regardless of the answer, he heads off the way the players came, unless they take some action to stop him. He doesn't appear again in this adventure, although he could show up later in the campaign as a recurring NPC.

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