Garnett tugged at his helmet, adjusting the eye-slots so he could get a better look at his opponent. The goblin warrior was dressed in a simple breastplate, with chain gloves and iron-bound sabatons. In one hand he held a curved scimitar, while in the other he carried a shield nearly three-fourths his own size. Garnett smiled. This would be an easy fight. The gladiator tournament here in Gadgetzan had attracted some of the best brawlers on Kalimdor, including some powerful-looking orcs and tauren. As a human, Garnett always felt slightly intimidated in the presence of such feral-looking fighters. There was nothing dangerous about a goblin.

Or was there? As he talked with his own trainer, the goblin made a strange motion under his shield. The steel disc suddenly lit up with dancing sparks of electricity. Garnett frowned. Technology!

Well, he had the counter to that, the gladiator thought, running a hand along the edge of his massive two-handed sword. One mighty blow ought to take care of that shield. One thing he knew about tech β€” it didn't stand up to repeated beatings.

Garnett took his position near the center of the fighting circle. A few cheers sounded, but for the most part the stands were empty. The real crowds wouldn't show up until the second day, when the pretenders had been whittled out of the competition. He was going to be there, even if he had to mangle a few goblin engineers in the process.

With the ring of a bell, the battle began. Garnett advanced, while the goblin danced away. The little creature didn't seem slowed by his bulky armor β€” in fact, he seemed strangely quick. Probably more technological claptrap.

Finally, Garnett got the opening he was looking for. Charging forward, he swung his trusty sword in a mighty arc, driving toward the goblin's shield. He hit, taking a chunk out of the protective wall β€” but he recoiled in pain as a surge of electricity coursed up his arms.

Even as Garnett cursed, the goblin made a feint with his scimitar and plunged forward, hammering Garnett with the shield. Sparks flew, and the human warrior grimaced in agony.

Okay, he thought, backing away to catch his breath, maybe this won't be so easy after allβ€” i

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