You might subtitle this book the Independent Player's Guide, since it does for many independent, dark and neutral factions what the Alliance and Horde Player's Guides do for the Alliance and Horde. This book details many races that are important in the Warcraft world but are not members of the Alliance or Horde. It also details many factions — dark factions, indeed, though some are darker than others — that have their own motivations, intrigues and agendas. They all possess a degree of separation from the Alliance or Horde, though they are of concern to Alliance and Horde characters.

Specifically, this book is concerned with the following races and factions.

Races: Dark Iron dwarves, dragonspawn, murlocs, naga, pandaren, quilboar, satyrs and tuskarr.

Factions: The Argent Dawn, the Atal'ai and Hakkari, the Cenarion Circle, the Cult of the Damned, the Dark Horde, the Darkmoon Faire, the Defias Brotherhood, the dragonflights (all five), the Earthen Ring, the Explorers' League, the Farstriders, the Scarlet Crusade, the Syndicate, the Thorium Brotherhood, the Twilight's Hammer, the Zandalar troll tribe.

Within these pages, behold the following chapters:

Chapter 1: New Races

Our List of Allies Grows Thin

This chapter presents the races mentioned above (except for goblins; they appear in World of Warcraft the Roleplaying Game). Note that these races appear in other books as well (especially the Monster Guide); they are present here for a couple reasons. The first is convenience — it puts all the playable races close together. The second is that the Monster Guide is primarily a Game Master (GM) resource; he probably doesn't want his players pawing through it. Also, the racial descriptions in this chapter appear in the standard player character race format, so they include some interesting details about the races (particularly about adventuresome members) that don't appear in the Monster Guide (or Lands of Mystery, in the case of dragonspawn and murlocs).

Chapter 2: Class Options

Nothing Can Stop Us Now

This chapter contains loads of new possibilities for Warcraft characters. This chapter, which includes several new concepts and game elements introduced in the Alliance Player's Guide, is divided into five subsections.

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Equipment is first. Several races in this book — especially pandaren — possess unique weapons that don't appear in WoW RPG.

Variant Classes take the classes in WoW RPG and alter them slightly, creating classes that are somewhat different than the standard rogue, scout and so forth that appear in WoW RPG. If you want to play a rogue who focuses on combat (and receives the abilities to do so), you'll find the rules here.

Racial Iconic Classes are also variant classes, as above, but these classes represent certain racial icons. The naga mage, for instance, is an icon on Azeroth, and this section gives you the rules to play one.

Creature Classes allow you to play a dragon (specifically, a red whelp), flamewaker, nerubian or sea giant from level 1.

Feats is the final section, and it's appropriately hefty.

Chapter 3: Prestige Classes

Bring Pandemonium!

This chapter includes 9 new prestige classes to which your character can aspire. Though aimed at members of the races and factions presented in this book, any character who meets the prerequisites can take these classes.

Chapter 4: Magic

Gather the Darkness

This chapter provides an overview of how many independent races feel about magic in general and about specific kinds of magic. It contains new spells and magic items, as well, which the dark races and factions developed or use extensively.

Chapter 5: Technology

The Random Explosions Will Continue Until Morale Improves

This chapter provides an overview of how many independent races and factions feel about technol

Fiction Spots

As in the Alliance Player's Guide, throughout this book are sidebars containing pieces of fiction — short scenes and vignettes that serve (hopefully) to immerse you in the Warcraft world, are related to the information nearby, and provide a break from reading loads of game material.

ogy. It also contains new tech-mods and technological devices that the dark races and factions developed or use extensively. This chapter includes tech-mods created by goblins!

ChapceR 6: HiscoRy and CulcuRe Filling the Knowledge Gaps

The famed dwarven explorer Brann Bronzebeard has been around and seen a lot. He's thinking about writing a history (Sociology? Political science? He hasn't really decided yet.) book for schoolrooms; these are some of his notes and working drafts concerning the history and culture of each of the independent races included in this book.

ChapceR 7: The Factions A Place for Everyone

This chapter, also narrated by Brann Bronze-beard, delves into the many dark factions included in this book. He discusses everyone from the Argent Dawn to the Earthen Ring to the Zandalar troll tribe.

ChapceR 8: DaRk WaRRioRs I Like Fightin' Best

This chapter is similar to Chapter 8 in the Alliance and Horde Player's Guides, which delve into the military, tactics, soldiers and champions of the Alliance and Horde. Each race and faction receives its own section in this chapter, including a description of its tactics and military ideas, followed by statistics describing one or two typical members of the faction who could hold their own in combat.

ChapteR 9: CReatuRes

A Dark Bestiary

This chapter includes many creatures that are important to the races and factions in this book, from clockwerk goblins to watery minions.

ChapceR 10: AdventuRes I Expect You to Die

This chapter includes two adventures for heroes of any faction: "Goldknuckle," which involves a crazed goblin's plans to become the wealthiest creature in the world, and "The Lost Idol," which focuses on a hostile murloc tribe.

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