Table 5-2: New Steam ARmoR Enhancements Item Slot Craft DC Cost

Portable Transformer 1 (any)_40_5,000 gp

Trundling Treads 1 (boots)_25_2,000 gp

makes this even harder, considering the great weight of obstructed squares). However, a character wearing the equipment. To counter difficult conditions, goblin inventors developed a system of treads that attach to the feet, propelling the wearer over rough terrain.

Powers: Trundling treads allow the steam warrior to move at normal speed or charge while moving over or through difficult terrain (although he still cannot enter steam armor equipped with trundling treads cannot run and takes a -10 penalty on Jump and Swim checks. Equipment Slots: 1 (boots) MR: 1 (the operator cannot move) Craft DC: 25 Cost: 2,000 gp

This section lists a variety of technological devices that independent tinkers and engineers developed. Goblins created most of these, and these goblin-made devices tend to be unstable and dangerous — after all, the safest and most useful goblin creations worked their way into common use, and the Alliance and Horde claim them. Some Dark Iron dwarf and naga items also appear below, while devices designed by other factions are extremely rare.

In general, activating a technological device is a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity. Exceptions are noted in the text.

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