12th, 16th or 20th level. Instead, the goblin tinker gains the following class features, at the indicated levels:

• 1st-Level — Bring the Hurt (Ex): Goblin tinkers enjoy devices that stab, slash and explode. The goblin tinker is proficient with all technological weapons except for firearms, as these are too refined for his taste. He is proficient with firearms that fire bombs or otherwise cause explosions, however.

• 2nd-Level — Explosive Glee (Ex): At 2nd level, when the goblin tinker causes a nice, big explosion, he gets really worked up over it. If he deals damage to an opponent with an explosion, he gains a +1 morale bonus on attack and damage rolls for a number of rounds equal to his tinker level.

• 6th-Level — Mad Inspiration (Ex): Goblin tinkers are a crazed bunch, but sometimes their mad minds work in their favor, alighting on some perfect idea. Once per week, when the goblin tinker begins constructing a device, he may gain one of the following benefits: +5 on all Craft checks, reduce the base cost by -25%, gain a +2 bonus on his Technology Score, or use his cobble ability without increasing the device's Malfunction Rating (its base MR does not increase, nor does it increase every time it is used). The goblin tinker can use this ability twice per week at 12th level, three times per week at 16 th level, and four times per week at 20 th level. He can use it multiple times on a single device.

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