About half the Faire workers have official combat training. These are soldiers (the NPC class), warriors, or, more rarely, barbarians, hunters or scouts. Scouts are particularly valuable as they are adept at blazing trails, avoiding dangerous wilderness areas, and tracking down mules and small children who wander away.

If attacked while traveling, the caravan pulls into as close a formation as it can. The Faire workers move out to combat the threat. The noncombatants, including children and most of the booth proprietors, hide in the wagons. Those members who may prove useful in a fight — such as Silas Darkmoon, Professor Thaddeus Paleo, Kerri Hicks (the "Strongest Woman Alive"), and Sayge the fortune-teller — take up positions to defend the noncombatants and the stores of gold and magic hidden in the wagons. Some of them may move to the frontlines to assist the Faire workers if the situation warrants.

The Darkmoon Faire has never suffered attack while it has been set up and entertaining patrons, but if it were, it would use similar tactics. Children and booth owners would hide wherever was convenient while the Faire workers grabbed whatever weapons were on hand to combat the threat. They would also petition their customers to help — and, as the Faire draws many adventurers, they could provide valuable support indeed.

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