g A M t nullifier engages any spellcasters and attempts to cast any captured spell back on its original caster. All of these guardians maneuver as necessary, but if an intruder attempts to pass into one of the corridors beyond them, they attack those targets to the exclusion of all others.

Treasure: A DC 25 Appraise or Use Technological Device check identifies scattered masterwork and valuable parts worth 1,000 gp (total) on the open market. In addition, two potions of cure serious wounds lie hidden amid the bottles and equipment comprising the alchemy lab (DC 22 Search check to locate).

If the heroes search this room with great care (for at least 10 rounds), a DC 35 Search check locates a rusty iron key amid the piles of scrap metal and trash that litter the floor. This key opens Goldknuckle's vault.

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