Kiljaeden and the Orcs

Over the next 10,000 years, the Burning Legion worked to sow chaos and discord on Azeroth and among the orcs of Draenor. The demon Kil'jaeden corrupted Gul'dan, who became the founder of the Shadow Council. Gul'dan convinced the orcs to drink from Mannoroth's blood, giving the orc race its rage, bloodlust, increased power and a demonic curse that followed them until Grom Hellscream killed Mannoroth in the Third War. Gul'dan also taught the orcs warlock magic, turning them from their shamanistic heritage.

One of Gul'dan's greatest apprentices was Cho'gall, the first ogre mage. Cho'gall passed his teachings on to his clan, the Twilight's Hammer, and shaped their organization with his magic and personal philosophies until the clan was decimated at the Tomb of Sargeras during the Second War.

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